In today’s post, I share how to build a duplicating downline.

Most network marketers do not know how to build a duplicating downline, but hopefully with the tips to be presented in this post, you’d be able to gather a well generating force that almost immediately translate into a productive duplicating downline.

Network marketing certainly entails leadership, specifically when building a downline.

Duplication is one of the cornerstones of network marketing.

A lot of people think that network marketing is a self-generating business, but if that was the case, then no network marketing organization would have had failed. Downlines certainly not duplicate on their own, even if the product being marketed is perfect.

The people in the downline are to be trained and mentored well or else the business would take no direction and would lastly fall flat.

Legitimate companies do not provide opportunity to people on the sole basis of their capacity to generate referrals.

Rather, it is the ability of network marketers to hone the skills of those within their network that determines their true potential for success.

They must be able to teach their teams how to generate leads, sign people up, get sales, and how to impart these very lessons to each of their own respective teams, all the way down the line.

With this, you are essentially duplicating the success you created, so have an action plan ready to be implemented quickly as needed.

Here are a few simple tips to guide you on how to build a duplicating downline.



1. Determine if your prospect is serious about network marketing.

Using the sales funnel, you can determine which among your prospects would be valuable to your team.

And if you are not using the sales funnel, you can still determine which among your prospects would be valuable to your team.

Find out which prospects make purchases for additional training materials or simply ask them what their goals are.

The foremost important characteristic of an excellent downline is their willingness to commit to the business.

Dedicate your time and efforts to your committed downlines.

You need to be there for your downline and ready to guide them through the process of generating leads to build and develop their own networks.

Your committed presence ensures that the right methods are duplicated successfully.

Teach a very clear and specific system.

Remember, duplication is about providing them with the methods which you yourself have used and proven to be effective.

Develop your training in such a way that they would be able to perform these very methods themselves and train others following your example as well.

Hold them accountable for their performance.

You dedicate your time to teaching them the system and this includes making sure your downlines follow it accordingly.

Be firm but never overbearing, and encourage them by making them understand how well the system would work for them if its methods are performed correctly so they may enjoy its fruits as you do.

Identify the leaders and raise them up.

2. Invest time after their registration


Your downline needs immediate support and training when they are brought on board.

Teach new members what you know: teach them the ins and outs of network marketing, how to find new leads, and how to build a business.

Leverage their excitement about the products and services they’ll be selling. Help them build confidence and find a style that works for them:

Be their sounding board for questions 

Walk the website together and highlight the benefits and features of their company site

Review their initial contact list and provide feedback

Help them schedule their home launch event and do a practice run of their approach and delivery

Let them shadow a call with a potential recruit or customer

Give them homework and keep them accountable and focused on results

3. Create a working system

As you onboard more members and your team grows, focus on regular communication and establishing automated systems for training.

Hold regular team calls or in-person meetups for those in your city.

Get your network signed up for any upcoming events and ensure they understand the importance of networking and team learning.

Prepare training materials, tips, and best practices ahead of time, and leverage your company’s resources and systems to help you. 

Let new members know on day one what their training plan is and what they can expect from you in the days ahead.

And, make sure new champs are excited and feel supported as they launch their businesses:

Try to catch new recruits within 30-minutes of signing up and reach them when they most need to hear from you.

Host conference calls and events

Attend live events, training calls, and seminars with your team

Track each new member’s growth and check in regularly to identify the areas that need additional support 

4. Establish a Goal


More often than not, new members are highly focused on earning back their initial investment.

Harness that energy to create a list of new leads and a go-forward plan that will keep them excited to win.

Make a target goal that will help your new members focus on recouping that initial investment within the first 1-2 weeks, and you’ll ensure that, that member will be highly motivated and confident. 

Set a goal date for recouping that initial investment and chart out next steps for getting there

Once new members achieve their initial goal, set the next one by asking where they’d like to be in six months, a year, and so on.

This helps maintain trust and gives people goals to work toward even when they hit slumps or encounter new challenges. 

5. Train Leaders

Leadership means setting an example for your team, as well as empowering and enabling the growth of new members.

As your team grows, be on the lookout for top earners who consistently exhibit leadership behaviors like resiliency, a high degree of trust and loyalty to their team, or a willingness to coach others.

Help empower these future leaders by letting their skills shine and praising their efforts. 

Similarly, watch for those who are struggling and check in with them to see how you can support them.

Remember: when they win, you win. Try to encourage and learn from the different approaches your team takes as they develop their natural strengths: 

Educate and empower: Your team should know as much as you do because when they win, you win

Be a source of inspiration by teaching through showing. 

Meet new members where they’re at and adapt your training to their needs.

I hope you got some value out of today’s training. If so, can you do me a quick favor? Like, share, and comment below. It’d be great if you’d give me some feedback!

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